Get a grip on your EV’s charging costs

We get data from the cars and public charge passes. This allows us to send you a single invoice of the total charging cost for your fleet, and automatically reimburse your employees.

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Actionable insights

Track your EV

The EEVEE Driver app will become your #1 Electric Vehicle companion, with loads of actionable insights.

Actionable insights
Charging, driving & parking insights
Actionable insights
Stats on battery health & eco impact
Actionable insights
Detailled metrics and graphs

Automatic payments

Automatic reports

Manually generate PDF reports or have them sent to your mailbox (or to your accountant) automatically.
Freelancers and self-employed users can even add custom business details.
EEVEE driver app with charge history

How it works

We get data directly from
your car's app. No extra hardware.

EEVEE doesn’t require additional hardware such as smart chargers or cables, which are often costly and don’t offer much data. By using official APIs created by the car manufacturers themselves, we can safely access your car data directly.

See how it works

Reports from the EEVEE driver app

Get reports via email

Professional reports
Receive free monthly reports for analytics or accounting purposes.
Charging details
Analyse charging sessions per location with kWh consumed, cost charged and distance driven.
Historical data:
Analyse your data up to 12 months in the past.

Frequently asked questions

Explore the abundant resources available in our EEVEE Mobility Help Center,
staffed by a team of electric vehicle experts who are ready to assist you in
boosting your knowledge about electric vehicles.

Is the app completely free to use?

The EEVEE Mobility-app is free to use for anyone. We also offer a business solution which is a paid subscription service to manage an entire electrical fleet.

Can I use the Report as an independent business owner to reclaim charging expenses?

Yes you can! We offer an expense note which contains all car information and the charging sessions of your choice, along with the price it did cost. This document can be used to reclaim (home) charging expenses.

What data is being collected?

In order to provide valuable insights, data is gathered via a secure connection between your vehicle and EEVEE Mobility. A summary of data that is being collected is the status, GPS locations, SoC, power during charging, speed, …

Have a question which isn’t covered? Feel free to get in touch.

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