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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the abundant resources available in our EEVEE Mobility Help Center, staffed by a team of electric vehicle experts who are ready to assist you in boosting your knowledge about electric vehicles.

Which vehicles are compatible with EEVEE?  

The following car brands are supported by EEVEE Mobility: Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW/MINI, Śkôda, Volkswagen (ID-series), Audi (Q4), Cupra, Volvo, Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel, Vauxhall.
We are continuously working on supporting more car brands. When using the EEVEE Charge pass, any car brand is compatible.

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What is the reimbursement rate and process?

Standard EEVEE uses the CREG rate for reimbursements. With our new pay-out rules functionality, you can set specific rates per driver based on their home energy rate. Reimbursements are made directly to drivers monthly, after the CREG rate is published (typically around the 13th of the following month). More details are available here.

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Do I need a charging station? What about an existing one, and which type do I need?

To start, a home charging station is not necessary. A standard power socket overnight provides around 150km of range, sufficient for most daily needs. If you provide a charging station for your drivers or they have their own, the type doesn't matter as EEVEE receives the charging session data directly from the car.

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Do I need a charge pass at home?

With EEVEE, there is no need for a charge pass at home to start and stop your charging sessions. You can still use a charging card to prevent others from using your charging station. The registration of charging sessions is handled by the car itself.

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Where can the EEVEE charge pass be used?

The EEVEE charge pass can be used at over 500,000 charging points across Europe, including 65,000 in Belgium. This extensive network ensures there's always a charging point nearby. Additionally, the free EEVEE app provides a live overview of all compatible charging points close to your location.

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What are the costs associated with the EEVEE charge pass?

Apart from a one-time activation fee of 12 euros per charge pass, it is completely free to use. That's right—no monthly fees, just free usage!

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