EEVEE started in late 2019 as a side project from Appwise (former Wisemen).

Initially, EEVEE offered a mobile app allowing tracking of charging sessions for Tesla cars. This was made to solve Steffen’s problem of having no clear overview of his charging behaviour & associated costs.

In a later phase, support for other brands was added: BMW, MINI & Mercedes joined Tesla! All car integrations are managed by the EEVEE team under the CarConnect brand. With a growing customer base came additional needs. Companies wanted to use EEVEE to get an overview of their fleet’s charging behaviour & costs.

This later expanded to offering an actual reimbursement service for these employee home charging costs in 2022, and completing the offering with a public charge pass in 2023.

Warning: these numbers will be outdated by the time you read this...

Today, EEVEE has a mobile app with over 100.000 users in 80+ countries. More than 45.000 vehicles are connected to our vehicle data hub ‘CarConnect’. We have integrations with over 15 car brands. Contrary to competitors, we have official agreements with these car makers (OEMs). Our fleet solution is used by 100+ companies in multiple countries. Big firms like Brussels Airlines, Lidl, Skechers, Atlas Copco and more use our solution. Our team consists of 13+ people, excluding our backing from Wisemen for different services like HR, Finance & Marketing.

We offer the following products:

  1. EEVEE driver app
    = enables individuals to track & report their electric vehicle charging & usage.
    For insight geeks, to get a grip on their (PH)EV charging data
    For self-employed, to get convenient cost reports for their accounting
    Also used by fleet drivers, as part of the Business solution
  2. EEVEE Business
    = enables companies to track, process & reduce the electric charging costs of their fleet.
    Home charging reimbursement service, paying drivers without the need for costly hardware
    Public charge pass for a comprehensive 1-invoice solution
    Insights & controls, by combining vehicle & charge pass data to give a powerful overview
  3. CarConnect
    = enables innovators to build solutions that lead towards a zero-emissions future.
    Integrations with 13+ brands and many more to come

With these products, we hope to achieve a zero-emissions future. We’ll do this by becoming the world’s largest smart energy manager, leveraging the power of connected cars.