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Everywhere & Anywhere:
Enable public pitstops for your EV drivers.

Your Budget, your Rules: set and forget your spending limits.

Automatic payments

Admin Made Easy:
One invoice to rule them all, every month

EEVEE automatically reimburses your employees for their facilitates charging at public chargers.

Automatic payments
Fully automated + direct payment of public charging session by EEVEE
Automatic payments
Allow public charging with our charge pass
Automatic payments
Set budget limits, geofencing, detect Fraud and more
Budget limits
Set a limit to be spent per month on public charging and charge any surplus to the driver.
Allow a limited list of countries to be activated for charging to be paid by the employer.
AC/DC charging
Charge speeds
Set limits on DC Charging reimbursement and drive
behaviour changes.

Insights & controls

Your budget, your rules:
set and forget your spending limits

Our intuitive tools allow you to monitor charging & driving behavior,
trends and anomalies. Be in the driver’s seat!

Insights and controls
Actionable insights based on real-time data
Insights and controls
Powerful controls on your fleet’s behavior
Insights and controls
Set custom targets & alerts

Set It, Forget It:
Experience a truly
automated billing journey.

Admin Made Easy One invoice to rule them all, every month.

Public charging

Frequently asked questions

Explore the abundant resources available in our EEVEE Mobility Help Center, staffed by a team of electric vehicle experts who are ready to assist you in boosting your knowledge about electric vehicles.

Which vehicles are compatible?

The following car brands are supported by EEVEE Mobility: Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW/MINI, Śkoda, Volkswagen (ID-series), Audi (Q4), Cupra (Born).
We are continuously working on supporting more car brands.
When using the EEVEE Charge pass, any car brand is compatible.

Does EEVEE Mobility offer a public charge pass?

The EEVEE Charge Pass is available to all EEVEE Business users. More information can be found at

Does EEVEE Mobility know the rate I did charge for?

Unfortunately we have no information regarding the actual rate you did charge for. Tap to open the charging session via the History in the app and a popup will appear to save the location, along with a possibility to set the correct rate.

Have a question which isn’t covered? Feel free to get in touch.

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