EEVEE Business makes smart charging cables and stations obsolete


You want to reimburse the charging costs of your employees? Great.
You’re browsing the web, looking at expensive smart charging cables? Not so great.

The problem with reimbursement

Companies have started shifting towards electric and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles and quickly need to adapt to the challenges. Reimbursing employees by giving them a charging pass was simple, but reimbursement of EV’s lacks convenience.

Most companies invest in smart charging cables or stations to allow their employees to reimburse their home charging costs, but there are some painful disadvantages:

  • The cost for smart charging stations/cables is very high
  • Needs technical support and maintenance
  • Lacks overview when combined with charging pass or other solutions
EEVEE Reimbursements

The EEVEE Business data-driven platform

EEVEE Business makes expensive smart charging cables obsolete and helps companies to make their shift to an electric fleet. Because the future is data-driven, they get a dashboard packed with insights:

  • Total charging and costs, and also a breakdown for work, home and public charging locations.
  • Insights about the costs, energy usage and charging duration, alongside an overview of the individual charging sessions per location.
  • A breakdown of all total, paid and unpaid reimbursement amounts for a fixed or variable rate set by you as employer.
  • Specify which employees get reimbursement and which don’t, or only reimburse for specific locations.
EEVEE fleet

The hardware-free solution

EEVEE Business tackles these challenges by taking hardware out of the equation. As the first hardware-free solution, it gets the data straight from the car.

Employees get the flexibility to charge at work, at home, at public charging places and even at friends or family. For employers, there are a number of benefits too:

  • A much smaller initial investment: basic (cheaper) stations will do fine!
  • Fraud detection: don’t pay to charge someone else’s EV (e.g. your employee’s partner)
  • Mix and match chargers: don’t be fully reliant to stick to charging stations from 1 specific manufacturer… You get to choose!

If employees already have a (dumb) charging station at home, aren’t able to install infrastructure or simply don’t need one, there is no mandatory install of hardware. The data comes straight from the car.

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